How-To Tutorials

These short videos illustrate simple maintenance you can do for your system at the appropriate times.

change-your-K5 How To: Change your Kinetico K5 filter

backwash-KineticoHow To: Backwash your Kinetico system

bypass-ClackHow To: Bypass your Clack water system

backwash-ClackHow To: Backwash your Clack water system

bypass KineticoHow To: Bypass your Kinetico system

change-Kinetico-filterHow To: Change your Kinetico cartridge filter

change-clack-filterHow To: Change the Big Blue filter

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The step-by-step guides below can guide you through processes for eliminating or monitoring bacteria in your water supply.

How To:

Shock a Well

Shocking your well helps control & eliminate bacteria in your water. What are the signs your well is in need of a good shock? Slime growth on the inside of your toilet flush tank, rotten egg odor and/or increased red staining in sinks, tubs and household machinery.

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How To:

Take a Bacteria Test

Harmful pathogens can be present in water but undetectable by smell or taste. Testing for coliform bacteria gives you a “red flag” system to the potential presence of pathogens. It also gives you a “Water Quality Record” that can help you more quickly detect and solve future problems.

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