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About Us

About Us: The Journey of Clear Water Filtration

Where we started: 

Founder, Jim Parker, settled in Warren, VT dreaming of a hangar he could fly planes to and run a business out of. In 1970, Jim purchased a hangar and began to transform it into a home for his planes and an office space for his business, Vacutherm. Upon drilling the well, he discovered the water was loaded with Iron. After researching filters, he installed one himself and soon every house in the neighborhood wanted him to do the same; thus, Clear Water Filtration was born. 

Where we are now:

After 35-years under Jim’s leadership, Clear Water Filtration is now owned and operated by Jim’s children Jenneth Fleckenstein and Steven Parker. The company has since expanded to treating the entire state of Vermont, and some parts of New York and New Hampshire. Currently we have 10 highly trained technicians and 5 office experts. We look forward to the next 35 years of business. 

Our Core Values:


We look through the lens of integrity with the decisions we make and the actions we take everyday.


A strong team is based on trusting one another, and trust is built over time through open, honest communication, transparency and teamwork.  


We practice respect for self, team, customers and community.


We're always learning, growing and expanding our knowledge within our industry and our business.

Proudly Serving Our Customers for over 40 Years!

Clear Water Filtration's first production video featuring founder and former President, Jim Parker, working alongside his children Steven Parker and Jenneth Fleckenstein, as they discuss residential water treatment concerns, considerations and solutions.