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Public Water System Services

Advanced Public and Municipal Water Treatment Solutions

Being a public water system can be daunting and overwhelming.  Our team of highly trained and experienced Public Water System Operators know the rules, so you don't have to!  Clear Water Filtration has earned the trust of our clients, state regulators, and regional engineers.  We are proud to be the highly regarded go-to expert in water treatment installation and water operations services.

Full Service Water System Operations

Clear Water Filtration Public Water System Operators are experts at what they do - holding certifications for Class 4B, Class III and Class II.  

Our Services Include;

  1. Water Sampling and results interpretation
  2. Managing all state and water system user communications
  3. Representation at all Sanitary Surveys
  4. Completion and submittal of monitoring waivers
  5. Consumer confidence reports
  6. Budget development assistance
  7. Source Protection Plans and Updates
  8. Sampling Plans
  9. Operations & Maintenance Manuals
  10. Water treatment installation and service

Are you a Public Water System?  Learn more here!

Ask an Expert.

Contact Me!

Co-Owner and Class III Water Operator, Jen Fleckenstein, can answer your questions on Public Water System Operations, permitting, testing and water treatment installation.  Having worked with over 50 Public Water Systems of varying sizes and complexities.  Jen and her team of Class II and Class III Water Operators are experts in all things related to compliance.